Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A couple of Halloween photos!

Ah, Halloween! My favorite time of the year. Well most of the Halloween season is with the exception of going to pick out my daughters costume. Usually we for some reason end up waiting until the last minute to go and get her one...maybe because she can never decide on what she wants to know, changing her mind every other day. Well this year was no different except that when we got to the Halloween store we didn't have to set up camp in there. She found a costume within the first 5 minutes and she was super excited about it. We got the costume and also purchased all the "extras" and home we went. She chose some sort of owl costume so she immediately went online and searched for owl face painting. Of course she had to choose one that was not that easy and if you know my daughter you know that once she gets an idea in her head...she stands strong and it must look EXACTLY the way she sees it in her head. We know how she gets so we had to threaten her with Trick-Or-Treating (or at least she thought we were)so were a bit nervous...ya pressure! Well the morning of Halloween the face make-up and wig were broke our surprise...she liked it better than the tutorial!

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