Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tri-Shutter Card Tutorial

We all have them...but what do we really do with them? Last week over on the My Momenta Blog, Christine Meyer showed us an adorable card using patterned paper scraps. I am going to show you another way to use all of those scraps you have been hoarding and waiting to use.
For my card, I used scraps from the Kaleidoscope Super Pad, some textured cardstock from the same pad,vellum message stickers from Emily's Garden and some clear layered stickers from the Free to be Me line. Not only am I showing you how to use your scraps, this card shows how easy it is to mix and match these wonderful lines!
SUPPLIES USED: 12 x 12 Kaleidoscope Super Paper Pad(PA-2329), Free to be Me Clear Layered Stickers (ST-4725), Emily's Garden Vellum Message Stickers (ST-3322)
This card is really simple to create and you will see you will soon be making them all the time....
Now for the steps:
Creating the Card Base
1. Starting with your 12"x12" sheet of cardstock or heavyweight patterned paper. Cut a panel measuring 5-1/2" x 12".
2. Score from top to bottom at the 2", 4", 8" and 10" marks.
3. Fold at the score lines using a mountain, valley, mountain, valley sequence as shown.

4. Smooth the cardstock out again and now put your 12" long side in your trimmer vertically and line it up at the 1-1/4" mark. Carefully put your trimmer blade down at the 2" mark on your plastic guide and cut from there all the way down to the 10" mark. Turn the cardstock over to the other long side and repeat. Your paper should look like this.

5. Now re-fold at the score lines but here's the "key" part. You are going to push the first valley fold outward (only in the center) and the second mountain fold inward. Ta-da! A tri-shutter card base. Close the card and use a bone folder to make the creases crisp.
6. Embellish to your liking.
Thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to see what you created,


Christine said...

I really love how you use black with those bright colors, totally inspired :)

Monika Wright said...

such an amazing tutorial, wow!