Friday, November 8, 2013

I love being his mom!

As many of you know, my son left for college this fall. I knew I would miss him but I didn't really know how much. I still have days where I cry because I am sad he is 8 hours away from me, and I have days where I cry because I am happy is there. I am still filled with so many different emotions...I am sad, I am happy, I am jealous because I didn't do the college thing but most importantly, I am filled with pride! I am so proud of him for getting to where he is now and for where he is going to be. I shared this layout a while back but thinking about him made me want to share it again just so everyone knows how much I love this boy and the wonderful young man he is...
Products used:
Ruby Rock-It:
Mother Nature 12x12 Cardstock - Harmony
Sugar Candy 12x12 Embossed Cardstock Large Dots
Sugar Candy 12x12 Glitter Cardstock Cool Mint
Felt Icons - Butterflies
Bling Floral Strip Black

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