Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A little Christmas Treat

Whew! Now that Thanksgiving is done...we move on to Christmas! Time for the hustle and bustle we all love. Putting up the Christmas tree, decorating the house, buying gifts...well in the midst of all of that I like to slow things down a bit. I love to bake cookies and my kids love to help, but one year we were running short on time so we decided to dip pretzels. They are so easy...I dip, they decorate. These have now become a favorite holiday tradition with my kids and they can't wait to do them every year! Once they are decorated I needed to find a creative way to send them off. This year I saved all of my empty containers in the hopes that one day I could use them, this was year. An old cheese container was just the perfect size for the pretzel rods. I decorated it with We R Memory Keepers Yuletide papers and embellishments. I also thought I would make a cute matching card using the same.

****To make these...I melt Almond Bark in a double boiler. You need to be very careful to not get any water in the bark or your bark will lump up. Then after trial and error on different ways to dip these, I pour the bark into a tall glass that will cover at least half the pretzel. Swirl it around and let most of the extra bark drip off. Lay them on wax paper and sprinkle with candy, nuts cookie get the idea. Then if you want you can drizzle some of the chocolate on the ones with almond bark and you can do the opposite...dip in chocolate and drizzle with the almond bark. There are no real rules...except to have fun, take pictures and last but not least...ENJOY!*** 

If you have some creative ways of sending off your Christmas cookies, add a link in your comment so I can come and check it out! Thanks for stopping by, Carrie


Laurie! said...

Those look so good! I love chocolate-covered pretzels! And this post has reminded me that I pinned a bunch of cute cookie container ideas on Pinterest! I need to go check that out before I send off my Christmas fudge!

chris said...

Love your idea. The pretzels look yummy. Would you mind sharing how you go about making yours? I have tried in the past, but they just don't look right when I am done. Thanks!