Monday, January 24, 2011

Summer on the brain and a bit of jibber jabber!

Okay, so I started to do this "super couponing" thing and let me tell is CRAZY ADDICTING! It is such a rush to get to the checkout line and see your total...freak out...and then see all the $$$$ coming off that total. I still have a lot to learn but this is how I have been doing so far:
My first trip was to total was $33.83 and after coupons it was $14.29=a savings of $19.54!
My second trip was to total was $73.14 and after coupons it was $22.31=a savings of $50.83!
Then I tried Target again with a few more total was $105.53 and after coupons it was $65.56= a savings of $39.37!
All together in these 3 trips alone I have saved $109.74! See how crazy that is...why would you buy things without a coupon anymore when the savings are out there?
With all this saving, I figured I would reward myself with some scrapbooking time. I am still so over winter I just had to do another sunny summer layout....


Mary Pat Siehl said...

very cute

Mandi said...

Awesome job on the savings! The layout is super cute, too!

Leslie - lilkoala3 said...

Ah... I miss the thrill of couponing at grocery stores when I lived in Texas... I only have Trader Joe's near me now... No coupons taken there... Sad...

Anyway, I loved the rounded corners on the strips of paper - and great color choices for your pics!